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Workout 3


Welcome to Workout 3!


Perform each pair back to back with minimal rest in between for 3 sets each. Take a slightly longer rest in between each set.


Estimated Workout Time: 30-40 minutes


A1) Single Leg Glute Bridge x8 reps per side

A2) Dead bug x8 reps per side


B1) Downward Dog Toe Taps x8 reps per side

B2) Bulgarian Split Squat x8 reps per side



C1) Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Row x10 reps per side

C2) Half Kneeling Dumbbell Press x8 reps per side



D1) Romanian Deadlift x 15-20 reps

D2) Flat Dumbbell Press x8-12 reps


E1) Kneeling Side Star Plank x30 secs per side

E2) Back Extensions x10 reps


Workout 3 Complete!


That's all 3 workouts complete, you can now repeat these for 8-16 weeks looking to get stronger week on week. If you're looking for more help then feel free to reach out to us at and we can see if you're ready for the next challenge...

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