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Full Body Workout [No Equipment Required!]

Whether you're on holiday for the week, short on time or just looking for a way to start exercising - then we've got you with this bodyweight full body workout.

Equipment Required: None

Estimated Completion Time: 30-40 minutes

Perform the exercises as a superset in their stated pairs with minimal rest in between. This workout has 5 supersets for you to complete (10 exercises in total) with 3 sets for each superset.

Superset 1:

A1) Glute Bridges x10 reps

A2) Cat / Cow x10 reps


Superset 2:

B1) Side Plank x30 secs

B2) Prone Cobras x10


Superset 3:

C1) Plank Walkouts x8

C2) Bodyweight Squats x12


Superset 4:

D1) Push Ups x12 (can be performed on knees)

D2) Reverse Lunges x10ps


Superset 5:

E1) Low Plank x30 secs

E2) Toe Tap Crunches x15


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