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Your Next 3 Steps to Health

Navigating health & wellness information is unnecessarily difficult given that most answers lie upon just a few core principles. So here are your first 3 actionable steps to start to improve your health:

1. Walk 10,000 steps

10,000 is a very general number, but I find it to be a pretty good spot for most people. If you’re currently only walking fewer than 4,000 steps, start with a slightly lower target (between 7-9,000).

Walking will improve mobility, elevate your heart rate and help you burn some extra calories. It allows our bodies to move as intended and lubricate the joints, leaving you feeling generally ‘looser’.

2. Drink 2L per day (6-8 glasses)

Again, 2L is a very general number and, if you are an active individual, you may require more. 2L is a good starting point but the best test we have available to check our hydration is checking the colour of our urine. Aim for clear urine throughout the day, if at any time it seems a little too yellow just top up with some water, it’s pretty simple.

Water is involved in a significant number of processes in the body and adequate hydration will have you feeling significantly more energised, less achy and more clear headed.

3. Set your bedtime and wake time

And stick to it - our parents were relentless about bed times for good reason! Pick a time that suits your lifestyle and be disciplined. If you said you were going to bed at 10:30pm, when 10:30pm arrives your head should be on the pillow with your eyes closed. And in the morning when that alarm rings, you don’t hit snooze, you wake up (yes, even on weekends). The first few nights will be challenging, but the long term returns are definitely worth it. If you have a heavy weekend and miss a night, get straight back on track the next day.

You’ll find sticking to a sleep routine will improve the overall quality of your sleep, even more so than most supplements. Improved sleep quality will help you make better food choices, balance your mood and leave you generally more energised.

There you have it, 3 easy to apply (but challenging to stick to) steps to becoming healthier. Implement and sustain these 3 steps before you take on anything more difficult to avoid overwhelm. Then, once you’re ready to apply the next steps, you’ll be primed with good foundations.

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