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Should you drink protein shakes?

So you've been working out regularly and you're starting to wonder if supplementing with protein shakes is a good idea. All your favourite fitness personalities seem to drink them and they're all in great shape but are they actually effective or is it all just a big money making scheme?

At the end of the day... it's just food. As far as your body is concerned it's another dose of amino acids in the same way a chicken breast, tin of tuna or beef steak is (a slightly different make up of amino acids, but amino acids nonetheless).

The illusiveness around protein shakes that it's some magic powder that immediately makes you grow huge muscles is simply a myth. It's got a nutritional label, a list of ingredients and regulations just like all other foods and should be treated as such.

So do you need them?

They are far from a necessity but definitely very useful. I find most of my clients a) struggle with eating enough protein everyday and b) are very busy and don't have to time to prepare many high protein snacks. This is where the utilisation of a protein shake can be incredibly valuable. They are obviously high in protein and only take 60 seconds to prepare.

I suggest varying your protein sources and not just relying on your shakes to provide you with your protein content for the day but there's no reason why including them into your diet would be a bad idea.

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