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Control the Controllable - Eating During the Festive Season

It's 2 weeks until Christmas and the festive celebrations are certainly ramping up for my clients with office Christmas celebrations, catching up with old friends and weekend trips to Christmas markets. We only get 3 weeks of these celebrations each year so it's understandable that, given the short window, you're going to spend a lot of time indulging and making the most of these amazing events.

So let me be the first to say... enjoy every single part of it!

For those who want to be more health conscious over this period I have one key piece of advice I've been giving my clients:


Are you spending all of the next 14 days at parties and celebrations? Unless you're extremely popular, the answer is probably no. If I was going for a conservative estimate from the conversations I've had, most people seem to have around 4-5 events over the next 2 weeks. That's 4-5/14 days - between 25-35%. That means you've got 65-75% of your time which is yours to control.

My advice? Those days should be your non-negotiables. The days where your nutrition is on point, you exercise regime is nailed and you don't miss a beat, rather than throwing in the towel for the full week because "you're going out tomorrow anyway".

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